Interview with one of Finland’s most popular streamer Miika “monniRS” Sihvonen
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Interview with one of Finland’s most popular streamer Miika “monniRS” Sihvonen

julkaistu: 12.11.2018 19:05 interviewed on of Finland’s most popular streamer monniRS. 27 year old streamer has over 61 000 followers on his stream. You can find monniRS’s channel at is collaborating with monniRS and we will arrange a giveaway in his stream end of this week.


Name? Miika Sihvonen
Age? 27
Place of birth? Haapajärvi
Hobbies? Gym, video games, running
Studies? Unfinished communital develpoment and construcional engineering studies. Gratuated as a carpenter
Future plans? What the future brings. I have interests in the IT business or being a full time streamer.


When did you start playing Runescape?

At the beginning of 2005. Almost straight away when we got our first computer in the house.

Why did you want to stream Runescape?

A friend from school suggested it to me so I tried and got hooked.

What’s the most interesting thing about Runescape?

Definetly PVP which means player versus player. After that the more difficult PVM challenges which the game already has and to which the new updates are focused. Unfortunately.

Clan background?

Probably the only one worth mentioning is from the golden ages of Unlimited. It was a fully Finnish team which is probably familiar to most people who played back then. Nowadays I’m all for solo playing. It takes more skill to kill another player while playing solo.

What kind of changes would you like to see in the game?

I would like to see a ranked pvp arena type mode in which you would gain better ranks by killing other players. I definetly would like more pvp content in the game.

Which changes have you liked?

Content added to the wilderness, the Revenant cave, and also one of the most challenging PVM bosses in the game. That particular boss grants you a cape which is held by only 1% of the player base.

How would you like the scene to develop?

I would like the game to go back to the golden ages where it was not uncommon to see over 200,000 player online daily. The game has been getting bigger lately thanks to RS Mobile, thanks to which we broke the limit of 143,000 online players in Runescape Classic last week. Runescape is surprisingly popular in Finland and I would like to see some Finnish servers. Finns have won 4 Deadman Mode tournaments and the 1v1 and 5v5 Jagex tournaments.

What would you want to see from Jagex?

I would like to see more pvp tournaments for solo players instead of the Deadman Mode. Deadman Mode is a tournament held ever three months. It lasts for a week and the last man standing gets 20,000 dollars. Winning this requires almost 18 hours of play every day for a week, and also many friends to give you the best gear. Not so much a game of skill. I wish the skill would matter more in the upcoming tournaments instead of the sheer number of hours put in.


What made you start streaming?

It started when I moved to Kajaani and had no other things to do than to play RS. One day I found Twitch and started following streams. I noticed that you don’t need to be particularly good in the game, you just have to be eccentric and give some attention to the chat. So I decided to give it a shot,

When did the streaming hobby turn into a career?

During the first months I had about 10-50 viewers and I narrated my stream in Finnish. Twitch was quite new in Finland but things got bigger when in 2015 they released dedicated Deadman Mode severs for the PvP version. It meant that you could kill players almost anywhere and take their items even from their bank. The viewer count soared while streaming on these servers and I started seeing some English in the chat. I then started to stream in English because I thought my Finnish viewers will be able to understand it as well and I will probably be able to improve my linguistical skills. I wouldn’t like to see streaming as a job but I decided to make it a career in 2016 when I thought I wouldn’t have enough time for my supporters after work.

Any plans for the future? Are we going to see other games than Runescape?

The future of my stream depends on the future of Runescape and other upcoming games. I think I will do more IRL streaming because through that it’s easy to understand what life is like beyond video games. that way I can also meet my viewers.

About what else would you like to comment regarding streaming?

The pinnacle of my streaming career has been a PVP tournament organized by Jagex in the fall of 2017. It had 1v1, 5v5 and 20v20 tournaments. I won the 1v1 finals and streamed the whole thing. I had over 15,000 viewers at best.