Pelaajatcom and one of the world’s biggest esports tournament organizers BLAST have extended their partnership for the 2024 season.

Therefore, Pelaajatcom will broadcast world-class BLAST Premier Counter-Strike events throughout the year. Pelaajatcom will also host BLAST Premier Qualifiers where anyone from professionals to amateurs has a chance to qualify for the BLAST Premier circuit to compete with the best.

The total prize pool for the entire circuit will be $2,475,000 spread out across seven tournaments. BLAST Premier’s Spring and Fall seasons schedule is the following:

  • Spring Groups: January 22-28 (Studio)
  • Spring Showdown: March 6-10 (Online)
  • Spring Final: June 12-16 (Arena)
  • Fall Groups: July 26 – August 4 (Studio)
  • Fall Showdown: August 21-25 (Online)
  • Fall Final: September 25-29 (Arena)
  • World Final: November 13-17 (Arena)

You can watch all the tournaments live from Pelaajatcom’s Twitch channel.

Gather your team and rise to the top

In addition to watching your favorite teams through the Pelaajatcom Twitch channel, you also have the opportunity to clear your own way to the top of Counter-Strike 2. Pelaajatcom organizes its own Pelaajatcom Series tournament, along which anyone has the opportunity to climb through the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown (March 6-10) to the Spring Finals (June 12-16) all the way to the $1,000,000 World Finals tournament (November 13-17).

Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final, a BLAST Premier Regional Qualifier

Due to updates in the BLAST Premier circuit for the year 2024, the initially announced Nordic Qualifier for the BLAST Premier Showdown is canceled. Instead, Nordic Masters will transform into the BLAST Premier Spring Pre-Qualifier, offering a slot in the main Western European Qualifier.

The Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final is a regional qualifier event for the Western European Qualifier for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. In the Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final, four Nordic teams will compete for a place in the Western European Qualifier tournament. The tournament will be played on Sunday, February 4th.

Finland will be represented by the winner of one (1) Pelaajatcom Series Open Qualifier, while the remaining two spots will be filled by Nordic Counter-Strike teams selected from the winners of two (2) Nordic Open Qualifiers. One spot goes to Icelandic attendee DUSTY.

Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final Participants:

  1. Pelaajatcom Series Open Qualifier (Finnish Qualifier)
  2. Pelaajatcom Series Nordic Open Qualifier #1 (SWE, NOR, DK)
  3. Pelaajatcom Series Nordic Open Qualifier #2 (SWE, NOR, DK)
  4. DUSTY (Icelandic attendee)

The winner of the Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final will advance directly to the Western European Qualifier for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2024.

Nordic Qualifiers

Two (2) separate Nordic Open Qualifiers will be played 2nd to the 3rd of February. The qualifiers are open to all Nordic players and teams from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Nordic Qualifiers grant a team direct access to the Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final.

Registration for the qualifier tournaments is done on the Pelaajatcom FACEIT page. Only the fastest registered teams can participate, 64 in each tournament.

Finnish Qualifier

One (1) Finnish Open Qualifier will be played 3rd of February. The qualifier is open to all Finnish players and teams.

Finnish Qualifier grants a team direct access to the Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final.

Registration for the qualifier tournament is done on the Pelaajatcom FACEIT page. Only the 128 fastest registered teams can participate.

Pelaajatcom Series Spring Final

Single-elimination BO3 bracket will be played totally on 4th of February following this schedule:

  • 11:00 CET DUSTY vs. 1st Nordic qualifier winner (BO3)
  • 14:00 CET Finnish qualifier winner vs. 2nd Nordic qualifier winner (BO3)
  • 18:00 CET Grand Final (BO3)